The Benefits of Keeping It In-House: Why We Do Not Outsource Bookings

At Jellybean Photobooth, we take immense pride in delivering top-notch and award winning services directly to our customers. Unlike many other companies across the region and in South Yorkshire, we do not outsource our bookings. When you choose Jellybean Photobooth for your event or big day, you can rest assured that a dedicated member of #TeamJellybean will be there to provide a personalized, high-quality experience. So what do you get from us when you book directly?

Consistent Quality and Service

By handling all bookings in-house, we maintain control over the quality of our services:

  1. Uniform Standards: Every member of #TeamJellybean is trained to meet our high standards of service. This consistency ensures that no matter which team member attends your event, you will receive the same exceptional quality. And did you know our team are actually employed by us and not freelance – that means you get committed, fun and amazing people at your event.
  2. Reliable Expertise: Our team is comprised of skilled professionals (yes we can call them that!) who are experts in operating our photobooths and magic mirrors. Their expertise guarantees that the equipment will function flawlessly and that guests will have an enjoyable experience. We have individuals that also look after certain areas of our business including maintenance, repairs, corporate bookings, weddings, and even prop managing!

Personalized Customer Experience

Keeping bookings in-house allows us to provide a more personalized and attentive customer experience:

  1. Direct Communication: From the initial inquiry to the day of your event, you will communicate directly with #TeamJellybean and our event manager Stacey. This direct line of communication ensures that your specific needs and preferences are understood and met.
  2. Tailored Service: We get to know each customer and event individually, allowing us to tailor our services to fit your unique requirements. And with our knowledge of venues and the relationships we have with them, this personalized approach ensures that we make an event out of any occasion!

Accountability and Reliability

When you book with Jellybean Photobooth, you can trust that we will be fully accountable for our services:

  1. Dedicated Team Members: A member of #TeamJellybean will be present at your event, providing a reliable and consistent service. You won’t have to worry about dealing with a third-party company that may not uphold our standards. We have strict guidelines and checklists for all bookings to ensure we operate consistently every night with every member of our team.
  2. Responsibility for Quality: Since we handle everything in-house, we take full responsibility for the quality of our services. If any issues arise, we are committed to resolving them quickly and effectively to ensure your satisfaction.

Cost Efficiency and Value

Not outsourcing our bookings also allows us to manage costs more effectively and provide better value for our customers:

  1. Eliminating Middlemen: By keeping everything in-house, we avoid the additional costs associated with outsourcing. These savings allow us to offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality. We do not use booking agencies, and do not “white label” for other companies. Whilst we may cover for other businesses in the unfortunate event they may be stuck or require our support, we are proud to be Jellybean and that’s who you get!
  2. Investment in Quality: The money saved from not outsourcing is reinvested into our equipment and team. This continuous investment ensures that we are always using the best technology and that our team is highly trained. We look after our team massively which means our turnover of staff is very little .

At Jellybean Photobooth, our decision to keep all bookings in-house is driven by our commitment to providing the best possible service for your events – and when planning your big day you want to ensure you know who will be arriving at the venue entrance.

When you book with us, you will have a dedicated member of #TeamJellybean at your event, ensuring a personalized, high-quality experience. Our in-house approach guarantees consistent quality, reliable service, cost efficiency, and enhanced coordination.